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Soft Skills translate to Hard Improvement

30 Aug 2019

Results from our online one-minute business risk survey [click here - Pitcher Pharmacy ] indicate that Pharmacy owners are struggling to initiate and lead a change process that will result in professional services  seamlessly blending into existing customer engagement activities so as to deliver...

Connecting People to Business Performance

28 Jun 2019

Periodically, business owners will conduct staff reviews and reward good performance with salary increases.  These reviews provide an opportunity to align employee focus with customer and business interests, ensuring a business’s people understand what they are required to do and how it is to be...

Federal Budget Helps Pharmacy Budget

4 Apr 2019

The 2019 Federal Budget was released on 2nd  April by Treasurer Frydenburg who drew attention to  the number of new molecules listed (over 2,000) on the PBS during the current Government’s term in office.  The use of PBS Reforms to reduce the price of high volume older molecules is good policy...

A Chain's Weakest Link

1 Apr 2019

Most people are familiar with the saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Like most sayings it is popular because of the innate truth to which it speaks. In the commercial world of Pharmacy it could be applied to the “supply chain”, “Pharmacy chains” (ie brands, groups etc) and the...

What keeps you awake at night

5 Mar 2019

Retail store data tells us that businesses are at a higher risk from staff theft than customer theft. Moreover, staff in management roles are more likely to be the employees committing fraud than other staff who usually feel their actions are justified in some way. These reasons include: Feeling...

Maximum gain for Xero effort!

19 Feb 2019

Technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in small businesses and can allow owners to keep tabs on their finances while at kids’ sports or from thousands of kilometres away in another country.   This instant access to information is both a time saver and a game-changer. Small business...

Rents – space, rate, negotiate

14 Jan 2019

Are you in a good space when it comes to rent – both now and throughout the remaining years of your lease? Do you expect your sales to increase at a faster rate than your rent?  Are you satisfied that you occupy the optimal amount of space at a commercially competitive rate? These questions are...

Retail Gives Pharmacy a Cold While Drugs Maintain Health

30 Nov 2018

Pitcher Partners Pharmacy averages for the four month’s ended October 2018 provide interesting insight into what has been happening financially within community Pharmacies in recent times. Anecdotally, owners will confirm the difficulties encountered – largely consistent with that experienced by...

Tapping into Pharmacy's Lifeblood

9 Nov 2018

Sleep apnea aside, when script numbers are growing most pharmacy owners sleep soundly. Conversely, if scripts are declining it is often cause for sleepless nights. When growth is stagnant, concerns are usually mixed. Paired with script growth, consideration of the movement in dispensary GP$ may...

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Partner - Pitcher Pharmacy Services
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Partner - Pitcher Pharmacy Services
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