Maximum gain for Xero effort!

Technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in small businesses and can allow owners to keep tabs on their finances while at kids’ sports or from thousands of kilometres away in another country.   This instant access to information is both a time saver and a game-changer.

Small business owners seek and welcome efficiency improvements that drive business profits and return personal/family time.  When coupled with better and more effective controls the only resistance to change is the fear of change itself. So why use Xero for Pharmacy accounting?

Access to information

Linking tailor made tools with Xero allows simple automated extraction of the daily takings summary (SalesLink) and stock purchases (InvoiceLink) for exporting into the Xero accounting package while eliminating labour and allowing remote processing.

This delivers significant time savings for bookkeepers with stock controllers confirming InvoiceLink data before it is digitally transferred into the accounts. Bookkeepers also enjoy significant time savings from using the store confirmed takings summary to electronically process sales information.

Improved visibility and POS data accuracy

Knowing that all stock invoices are being entered into POS in a timely and accurate fashion is essential to best practice stock and margin management.  With the aid of digital data transfer Xero provides this certainty and delivers visibility over time of daily cash variances together with key daily statistics between stores (eg script and customer numbers, items sold and average sale).

Storing increasing levels of personal data coupled with meeting responsibilities under data privacy protection laws magnify the need to minimise risk while improving efficiency around data storage and accessibility.  The BizDocs tool provides electronic, secure document storage online while reducing storage costs and clutter.  It also provides for electronic document transfer from site to site lowering postage and courier costs and enabling transfer of information in real time.

BizDocs accepts most financial business documents including supplier and bank statements, PBS remittances, month-end and daily POS reports as well as invoices! The fully-automated stock invoice processing tool integrating with the data matching ability provided by BizDocs means that manual bookkeeper processing is eliminated when POS data matches up with the invoice document.

The separate storage availability for sensitive or confidential documents coupled with full text search functionality makes BizDocs a must have tool all small businesses that are looking to eliminate paper records and speed up record retrieval.

If you want to know more about maximising your business gains for zero effort then contact one of our team today.

Partner – Pitcher Pharmacy Services
07 3222 8444
Partner - Pitcher Pharmacy Services
07 3222 8444
Partner – Pitcher Pharmacy Services
07 3222 8444

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