We combine our understanding of retail strategic planning and industry expertise to tailor action plans that help our Pharmacy clients compete and grow.

Strategic Planning

We provide tools and systems to assist with delivery and management of those plans.

Importantly we ensure that when you buy a pharmacy:

  • it fits you and your financial goals

  • the price you pay is fair market value

  • you get off to the best possible start, with a strategic plan to develop the business while meeting your tax and debt obligations

Then when it’s time to expand we will:

  • advise on the best options for you to capitalise on your financial circumstances

  • assist with finding you the right opportunities

Category Management - Spacelink

For many years Pitcher Pharmacy has promoted the adoption of measurement processes used by the world’s best retailers - especially when it comes to analysing the productivity of your stock and the space allocated to it.

Spacelink automates stock and space analysis by importing data over the internet, directly from the Pharmacy’s Point of Sale system.  Once this information is extracted, the pharmacy simply provides the store’s shelf linear metre measurements to gain insight into departmental productivity performance.

To ensure you are maximising profitability, reports focus on department and category performance at store level as well as providing industry averages.

Systems Review & Implementation

To help you get the most from your systems, we can:

  • Conduct systems reviews

  • Provide plug in tools to your existing software to reduce complexity and errors in processing

  • Customise software solutions to streamline procedures

  • Offer assistance in the management of data with provision of onsite or remote training

  • Provide ongoing support during and after any implementation

Customer Retail Trends, Pricing & Merchandising

With our industry expertise, we:

  • Provide insight and advice based on Pharmacy Industry and retail knowledge built up over 25 years+

  • Assist in understanding your customers’ preferences and the financial differences between a discount and service model

  • Work with you to adopt pricing points and policies to show you the impact on profits and customers

  • Help you determine the categories that are profitable and can be expanded vs those that should be reduced/eliminated

  • Provide tools to  analyse your supplier deals and transact with suppliers

  • Help you understand product categories that are subject to the highest competition

Contact Our Experts

Partner – Pitcher Pharmacy Services
07 3222 8444
Partner - Pitcher Pharmacy Services
07 3222 8444
Partner – Pitcher Pharmacy Services
07 3222 8444

Expert Management

Take advantage of our extensive experience within the profession and let us help you manage the future success of your business.

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